The world of Faerûn is in a rebuilding phase after the fallout associated with the high wizard of Thay’s attempt at a ritual to make himself a god. Even with the war torn world having to restructure, there is still time for rejoicing as only mortals can. Yae, though it cannot last forever. With the sudden disappearances of villagers the people are always at their guard to stave off what attack may lurk looming in the darkness.

The world is now based off of a caste system with the Arcane and Psionics users taking place as the Higher class and the more Martial and Divine classes making up the lower class.

Added Bonus:
For choosing a member of a caste you will gain with it favor among your caste-mates granting additional skill bonuses when dealing with them.

7:00p – 10:30p CST

—Chapter 1: A World Apart
--Chapter 1.5: The Spawning Pool
—Chapter 2: The Fall of Jerome
--Chapter 2.5: Where King’s are Borne
—Chapter 3: ????
—Chapter 4: ????
—Chapter 5: ????

Non-Active Players:                                Active Players:
Wraith                                             Trick
Sexy Toast                                         Hawk
Feral                                              Kitsune
Bones                                              Byrd
Cardinal                                           Alcatraz
Winter                                             Div
The Professor   

A Plague on the House of Mortals

Plague ban